Our Team

Every once in a while there comes the opportunity to take advantage of the fact that people never get around to sending you the stuff you requested, such as bios. Some might see that as annoying, but I see that as the opportunity to write whatever I want about someone for my own amusement.
–Rob Prince, Dark Winter Nights Creator and Webmaster

Rob Prince: Creator/Executive Producer
Rob came up with the idea for Dark Winter Nights because he was fed up with how some Reality TV programs were depicting life in Alaska. He figured Alaskans could tell their own damn stories. He’s been wrong about a lot in life, but he was right about that.

Ryan Peterson: Co-Creator/Director
Ryan has his finger on the pulse of what Alaskans think is funny, which is why he is in charge of directing our live events. He can defuse any tense situation with his trademark catch phrase, “Just relax, babe!” His strength is reminding the team of every dumb mistake we’ve ever made. His weakness is Christmas.

Brittany Karns: Host
Brittany started with Dark Winter Nights as a storyteller and has had a meteoric rise with the show, culminating in her taking over hosting the live show in 2023. She is in charge of making sure the live show doesn’t become annoying. Her strength is being a Delta 10. Her weakness is cats.

Robyne: Event Coordinator
Robyne works to make sure our live events in Fairbanks go smoothly and that 1,000 people can all eat a hot potato and go to the bathroom within 15 minutes. If you want to change her mind about something, keep in mind that she has stubbornly balked at 500 years of tradition by refusing to use a last name. Her strength is worrying. Her weakness is that everyone named Abby looks the same to her.

Chris Zwolinski: Storyteller Liaison
Chris joined started with Dark Winter Nights as a storyteller and then went on to become a valued member of our executive team. No one is really sure what he does for a living, but we do know you should never agree to buy an island from him. His strength is convincing law-abiding citizens to unwittingly smuggle contraband into the United States. His weakness is fog machines.

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