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Our next live event will be Saturday, April 14, 2018 in Lathrop High School’s Hering Auditorium! 

General Admission: $20
Seniors/Students/Military: $15
Kids 12 & Under: $5
Tickets go on sale March 23rd.

Our storyteller lineup for April 14, 2018!

  • Amanda Byrd: Amanda will be telling an amazing story about a rescue at sea and the man who refuses to get rescued.
  • Atileo Frizzera: Atileo will be telling a story about how he became the best chainsaw chaps salesman at his work…
  • David Best: David is going to share a sobering story about how he quickly got lost and nearly died of dehydration in the woods around Anderson, Alaska.
  • Ron Boynton: Ron is going to share a story about a tense and very brief conversation he had with a polar bear.
  • Dr. Jessie Robertson: Dr. Robertson is going to tell a story about hiking the Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park and how she would have almost been disappointed if it hadn’t nearly killed her.
  • Mike Spindler: Mike is going to share a crazy story about trying to rescue polar bear researchers stranded way out on the sea ice after dark–well past when the polar bear they had tranquilized had woke back up…
  • Sean McGee: Sean is going to tell a hilarious story about a Fairbanks police bust gone terribly wrong.

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