When is the next live event?

Starting in 2018, we are planning on doing one big live show each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving at Lathrop High School’s Hering Auditorium.  Follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list to be the first to know when we officially announce our next live event!

Where was Dark Winter Nights in 2017-18?

Creator/Host Rob Prince was out-of-state on an academic sabbatical.  One of his projects was buying a DeLorean and making a documentary about driving it back to Fairbanks.  You can follow the film at deloreandocumentary.com or Facebook.com/deloreanroadtrip.

What are the live events like?

The event runs approximately two hours with an intermission halfway through.  We have about seven storytellers.  All but one are pre-selected stories and we consult with the storytellers beforehand on how to best tell their stories.  Audience members have the opportunity to put their names in a hat and we pull one storyteller from the audience for an impromptu story in the second half of the show.

Can kids come to the events?

That’s your call.  We aim to make the event approximately PG-13.

Why did you start charging for kids?

Our audience has been growing at an amazing rate and this is a wonderful problem.  We’ve now grown to the point where we may fill our new 1200 seat venue.  In order to keep track of how many seats we’ve sold, we need to have all attendees acquire tickets.  If we don’t do this, we may sell out of tickets only to find we don’t have enough seats for all ticket holders because of children, who previously didn’t need tickets, taking up seats.  Having tickets for kids lets us make sure everyone who buys a ticket gets a seat.  Thank you for understanding.

Does it cost more to buy tickets online or at the door?

The tickets are the same price wherever you buy them because we hate it when ticket prices vary.  You can do us a big favor and buy your tickets in advance, but we won’t penalize you if you choose to buy them at the door.  If you’re planning on buying tickets at the door, we  recommend you bring cash because we’ll be able to process cash purchases much faster than credit card sales, so you won’t have to wait so long.  Thanks!

Why have you started charging admission for these events?

For the first year of Dark Winter Nights we relied on generous professionals donating their time to help us pull off these events.  To keep this program sustainable, we need to start paying these people for their services.  We have also outgrown our previous venue (Pioneer Park Civic Center Theater) and our move to Hering Auditorium has greatly increased our capacity but also greatly increased our venue rental fees.  If you or your organization would like to help support our mission, please contact us!  Even a modest contribution helps us out tremendously and we’re happy to publicly thank you for your support.

Can I buy tickets in person before the event?

We’ll announce if, when, and where that is available.  Contact us for an update.

Can I submit a story for this event?

We’re always looking for stories for our live events and radio program.  Please submit your story and we’ll consider it for our radio/podcast program and for a future live event!  We generally lock in our storytellers at least a couple weeks before our big live events.

Stories need to take place in Alaska, have happened to you, and must be true.  Please keep in mind that we will not accept any stories over 15 minutes long for our live events, but we’ll take them for our radio program and podcast.

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